Monday, 28 April 2014

Movie Review ~ Soul Surfer

Here's a basic summary of the movie:
Bethany Hamilton is a 13 year old Christian home-schooled girl who lives in Hawaii. Her hobby (or lifestyle) is surfing. One day, she encounters disaster when she is out surfing. The movie tells that story and the story of how, with faith in God, and help from family and friends, they coped with the change, and she got back in the water.

The Characters

Bethany Hamilton is played by Anna-Sophia Robb.

She was a great actor! She was really good at showing the emotion and really played the part.

Her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton, are played by Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt. They really seemed to be kind, loving, caring and protective parents.

The boys, Timmy (Chris Brochu) and Noah (Ross Thomas)

They are fun, teasing, but protective brothers, and they really care about their sister.

Alana Blanchard, Bethany's best friend, is played by Lorraine Nicholson.

She and Bethany are best friends, but they have an argument or two. She is very freaked out about the attack.

Malina Birch (Sonya Balmores) is, I think, a made-up character. She is another surfing competitor and doesn't really get along with Bethany. She is mean to her, but Bethany tries to be nice to her.

In the end, Bethany doesn't win her big competition; she caught a great wave just after the time was up. Her dad is annoyed, saying, "It didn't count!" She just smiled. "It counted. It totally counted."
Malina, won over, shares the prize with her. "The judges may not have counted that last wave - but I did."

Overall, this movie is great! The acting is very good, and it is a great girl's movie :) I highly recommend it.

Anna-Sophia Robb and Bethany Hamilton

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