Sunday, 31 August 2014

Movie Review ~ Chariots of Fire

People look so funny when they're running.

Movie: Chariots of Fire
Director: Hugh Hudson
Year: 1981
Set in: 1919-1924 (Climax at Paris 1924 Olympics)
Rated: Our copy G; some PG or 15. Mild language, etc. 
I would rate it PG
My rating: 7/10-ish

Eric Liddell, son of a Scots Missionary in China.

Harold Abrahams, a Jew, studying at Oxford.

Harold Abrahams raced with the sole aim of winning at all costs because of racial prejudice - he as a Jew.

Eric Liddell raced for the glory of God. He made a classic comparison of life to running a race.

When Harold loses a race, he is not himself for days, he is so upset.

Eric's sister wants him to concentrate on the mission, not racing. But Eric said he thought God gave him the gift of speed. He refused to race on Sunday. He was unswerving in that regard. The paper headlines displayed were "GOD BEFORE MAN" - as it should be.

Harold runs the final race to win for himself.

Eric runs for God's glory.

I won't tell you how it ends - spoilers! - but it is a great movie and well worth watching.

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